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The Sepla call off the strike after the compulsory arbitration

The union representing the pilots of Iberia (Sepla-Iberia) has decided to call off the strike days that he planned to take place until 20 July (every Monday and Friday), before the announcement by the Government to arbitrate in the conflict.

The Sepla-Iberia said in a statement indicates that subsequent to the Council of Ministers, the company pilots call off strike action to encourage and facilitate the work of the arbitrator is appointed.

It also points out that before the new process that begins now, not just call off the strike, but reiterated the commitment by all pilots to provide a balanced and sustainable solution to the conflict.

Iberia pilots and the company opened the middle of last year a conflict over the creation of low-cost airline, Iberia Express, which began flying on 25 March, and the negotiation of the Collective Agreement VIII.

This conflict led the pilots to strike convene twelve days in December, January and February, which resulted in a loss of 36 million euros for the company.

Following these meetings and through the intervention of the Ministry of Development, it was beginning of a solution with the appointment of a mediator, former Minister Manuel Pimentel, who wrote a document that was delivered on March 25 and was not accepted by the parts.

From that moment the Sepla-Iberia convened another thirty days of strike (every Monday and Friday) between 9 April and 20 July, which have been conducted without any conflict register and respecting minimum services set by Public Works.

Given the escalation of conflict, the government adopted today an agreement that provides for compulsory arbitration as a means to solve the ongoing conflict pilots with the airline Iberia.

Vice President Soraya Saenz de Santamaria announced at the press conference after the Council of Ministers that the implementation of this process involves the strike desconvocatoria maintaining Iberia pilots.

This is the second arbitration takes place to end a dispute between Iberia and Sepla company since July 2001 had to resort to the figure of Federico Duran to reach an agreement on the Seventh Collective Agreement .

Saenz de Santamaria noted that this action is permitted by Spanish law and constitutional jurisprudence and added that this measure is intended to end a strike that is costing significant revenue and huge losses for all users.

Establishing a deadline for both parties (the union Sepla Iberia and Iberia) seek an arbitrator, and if you do not agree, the vice president will appoint the chairman said Works, and the decision is binding.

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