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The biofuels sector are satisfied with the government to limit the biodiesel from Argentina

APPA Biofuels has shown today welcomed the Government’s decision to approve the assignment order production quantities of biodiesel, as it will allow Spanish industry return to the activity under conditions of competition “just and fair”.

In a statement, the biofuels division of the Association of Renewable Energy Producers (APPA), recalled that although the draft order was successfully completed all its administrative procedures in June 2011, its publication in the Official Gazette (BOE) has been delayed due to pressure against the Argentine government made.

Waiting to know the final content of legislation, APPA Biofuels has recognized that the action taken by the executive responds to a request that the sector has been calling for years.

The Spanish industry for biodiesel has claimed on numerous occasions to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism to publish the rules of allocation of biodiesel that will serve to curb unfair imports from Argentina and Indonesia, countries that tax to a lesser extent the finished product that matters raw materials used for their manufacture.

According to figures provided by the employer recently renewed in the last quarter of 2011 imports of biodiesel reached a market share of 89% in Spain.

Against this, the national industry production fell for the first time ever, falling almost 50% and placing the average rate of capacity utilization at 14%.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, today announced measures to restrict imports of Argentine biodiesel in response to the decision of the authorities of the South American country of Repsol YPF to expropriate.

Saenz de Santamaria made the announcement at the press conference following the meeting of the Council of Ministers, which has analyzed the measures it intends to implement the Executive to such expropriation.


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