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A collapse difficult to the rescue of nine trapped miners in Peru

A new collapse has hampered the rescue of nine miners who remain trapped since last Thursday in a mine scale in the region of Ica in southern Peru, local media reported today.

The police colonel Jose Saavedra has told Radio Programas del Peru (RPP) that landslides and stones “unrelieved”, forcing rescuers to work for other fronts to advance to the place where the miners.

“We are digging on the other hand, underpinning with wood and another possibility is to enter the chimney. On the hill there is a tunnel about 30 meters and see if there is no possibility of removing them,” he stated.

Rescue efforts resumed at dawn today with the placement of safety beams to prevent another collapse injuring the miners, who have received oxygen, water and food.

The Regional Director of Health Ica, Mallma Huber, told RPP that the miners are in good condition and rely on being rescued in the next few hours.

The miners are trapped in a tunnel of gold and copper mine “Black Head” at the district Yauca del Rosario.

The work of removal of the collapse are in charge of the Fire Rescue Unit of the National Police and Civil Defense experts and the Regional Government of Ica.

Succession to the leadership of the World Bank: “a candidate and two spontaneous”

The process of selecting the next president of the World Bank (WB) enters its final phase with the candidate, backed by the U.S., Jim Yong Kim, an international tour.

While his two contenders, the Nigerian Okonjo-Iweala and the Colombian Ocampo, trying to convince governments of the relevance of a change.

“The situation is more fluid than expected, mainly due to the shortcomings of the U.S. candidate,” said Efe Venezuelan Moises Naim, principal investigator for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

However, according to Naim, “reality is that this is a charade, not an open competition. There is a U.S. candidate, and two spontaneous,” referring to the tacit agreement that an American to chair the BM since its founding in 1944, and Secretary General of IMF is a European.

The three candidates will travel to Washington next week to meet with the 25 members of the World Bank’s Executive Board, which plans to appoint the new president in the spring meetings organized with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), between 20 and on 22 April.

U.S. President Barack Obama until the last minute to present his candidate to head the World Bank, to replace Robert Zoellick who has announced that it will opt for re-election after five years in office, and surprised the doctor and anthropologist present to Kim, Korean origin.

Immediately after the announcement in the White House, Kim embarked on a world tour that has taken him to Ethiopia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Brazil, Belgium and Mexico.

For his part, and with fewer resources, Okonjo-Iweala and Ocampo have tried to win support from their home regions to provide strength to his candidacy in his claim of candidates from emerging countries.

The current Nigerian Minister of Finance, who worked at the World Bank, quickly received the support of the African Union and prestigious media in the economic field as the magazine “The Economist” have opted for it explicitly.

The candidacy of Ocampo, former Minister of Finance and current professor at Columbia University in New York, has been more tenuous, and even Bogota has given its support.

About the selection process, the Indian economist Arvind Subramanian, who was assistant director of the IMF Research Department, emphasized the importance of the emergence of alternative candidates, something that had not happened in the past in the BM.

“It is an improvement on the past, as there is an honest debate about the candidates. However, what makes something rigged process is that between Europe and the U.S. have the most votes, and if they agree to a nominee will be chosen, “Subramanian said in a recent lecture at the Peterson Institute in Washington.

“The good news is that the process is open, but the point is that the negotiation may already have occurred behind the scenes,” said Subramanian.




Iberia cancels 127 operations on Monday

Iberia has canceled 127 operations scheduled for Monday 9 by the start of the strike called by the pilots union Sepla Iberia, which will take place for 30 days (every Monday and Friday) until 20 July, the company reported.

Of these 127 flights, 54 are for national or domestic destinations, 64 to medium haul (mainly European flights) and 9 to transoceanic routes.

The Spanish airline pilots have called for thirty days to strike every Monday and Friday from 9 April to 20 July inclusive, to protest the creation of low-cost subsidiary of Iberia Express.

The strike started after not reach agreement after mediation by the former Minister Manuel Pimentel, who on March 25 Sepla and Iberia rose to a document that would allow a rapprochement of the positions was not accepted by the parties.

The first day of strike coincides with Easter Monday, back from Easter holidays and festival in some regions, and the last day will be held in full summer break to be affected the Puente de Mayo celebrations and some important such as the Puente de San Isidro in Madrid.

The blame Sepla Iberia, and the company pilots, of being responsible for not having reached an agreement and had not taken the mediation of Pimentel.

From the union argues that the notice of arrest responds to boycott that has taken place the company into the mediation process, in its opinion, has prevented an agreement despite the “significant” concessions offered by the union.

For Sepla, Iberia Express building violates the agreement of the pilots at several points and is a segregation of the matrix.

Meanwhile, the company accused of not wanting to Sepla negotiate and Pimentel recalled that carried out the proposal that co-pilots of Iberia of benefiting from a leave of absence and could pass as commanders Express Iberia, keeping the possibility of returning later to the matrix.

Express Iberia, low-cost airline routes Iberia for short and medium haul began operations on 25 March with flying to four domestic destinations, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, Malaga and Seville.

During the summer season will increase flights covering 17 destinations, with the provision, by the company, to reach 2.5 million passengers in 2012.

The call of the thirty days of arrest is then of the twelve made in December, January and February, which have brought the company a loss of about 36 million euros, an average of 3 million euros per day, what this new series of strikes could be a minimum loss of 90 million euros.

Brussels will continue without transport until Tuesday

The Intercommunal Transport Company of Brussels (STIB)-which includes the metro, buses and trams, announced today that keeps unemployment services began yesterday until next Tuesday, to protest the murder of one of its employees while working .

“Because of the dramatic attack on one of our partners on Saturday morning, the direction of the STIB has decided to suspend the operation of the metro, trams and buses and not take it up before the meeting with federal authorities of this Tuesday, “the company said public transport on their website.

Despite some reports in the Belgian press that point to a return to normal on Monday afternoon, the company confirmed that the strike will continue today and tomorrow without interruption and return to service on Tuesday.

“There will be no public transport tomorrow, our activities will resume on Tuesday as planned,” said spokeswoman Françoise STIB Ledune.

The death of a supervisor of the STIB that was attacked yesterday morning when checking the scene of a traffic accident has caused the indignation of the public transport workers in Brussels, protesting the lack of certainty with which they perform their tasks.

The Belgian government will meet the representatives of workers in the public company tomorrow, Easter Monday holiday in the country, at 13.00 GMT, according to Agence Belga, an initially scheduled meeting for Tuesday afternoon.

The deputy prime minister and head of Belgian Interior, Joëlle Milquet, Minister-President of Brussels, Charles Picqué and Justice Ministry officials local and national transport department will participate in the meeting, in which workers greater protection claim.

The alleged perpetrator, a man aged 28, was detained yesterday after the leak occur and subsequently delivered to the police and said today it would not kill the man, said the prosecution from Brussels to the Agency Belgian news.

While the bus driver and vehicle were injured taken to hospital, the latter would be contacted by phone with the assailant, who reportedly appeared at the scene and struck the supervisor, 59 years, until he became brain dead.

The STIB has provided a place on the Internet for users to express their condolences to the family of the victim.

Ibarra accused to Cañete of prevarication in the resolution of the Balboa Refinery

Former President of the Government of Extremadura Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra has accused the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment Miguel Arias Cañete of committing a crime of trespass in the negative resolution of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Balboa Refinery.

The Ministry issued last March 29 a proposal to DIA unfavorable Balboa Refinery promoted by Grupo Alfonso Gallardo Saints of Maimona (Badajoz), among other reasons because of the potential impact on the surroundings of Doñana Park.

In an interview with Weekly Report Extremadura, Rodriguez Ibarra said that he would seek a criminal complaint to the minister “for taking an unfair decision knowing that it was.”

In his view, Arias Cañete was “judge and jury in this process,” as it has been until February 2 president of two oil companies that collaborate with Cepsa, which also as the president of Extremadura, has broken the law of incompatibilities.

In this sense, Rodriguez Ibarra recalled that the chief executive of Cepsa, Carlos Perez del Brice, recommended at the wedding of the Prince of Asturias, in 2004, which did not participate in the project because it would not succeed, “and was right , we have not got. ”

The decision is “arbitrary” in its opinion, it simultaneously to the refinery have been extended Extremadura Huelva and Cartagena and were not asked for “less than half of the reports” that the draft Gallardo.

Rodriguez Ibarra criticism as to prevent the pipeline project because Extremadura affect Doñana, despite what would happen within 20 kilometers of this natural area, where now through two pipelines in Cepsa.

In his view, Arias Cañete “rejects for its commitment to Cepsa,” and although not known why the project did not meet the socialist ministers Narbona, Elena Espinosa and Rosa Aguilar, “The performance has been equally arbitrary from all positions” .

It also accuses the president of the Government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of not fulfilling the promises made in Extremadura.

“I can understand the position of the former president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, while you have been promising things that have not been met then, but I can not understand why they are supporting a project if it meets the legal requirements.”

Rodriguez Ibarra asked the regional government and poses a double fight scenario: that the PP requests that the resolution is definitely negative to continue the support of IU and maintain the “chair”, or to propose a figure such as that brought the refinery .

The former Portugal Extremadura absolve this decision, said that the media Extremadura have “an excessive role to the no” and does not include environmentalists who have rejected what they have supported here in Huelva.

Mas-Colell warns that the state budget remain 1,800 million

The Minister of Economy of Catalonia, Andreu Mas-Colell, warned today that the state budget for 2012 remain “at least” 1,800 million revenue to the Government, so that the cut will also affect the Catalan health and education .

In an interview published today in La Vanguardia, Mas-Colell admits that the current economic situation is “very difficult” and stressed that, although the budgets are robust with respect to expenses, there may be a fall of 1,650 million in revenue for VAT and income tax.

In this situation, Mas-Colell believes that “raise the VAT and touch pensions, and unemployment officials” could be measured by the year 2013.

“I have hope, I can not say the confidence that 2013 will be better,” said the minister, which recognizes that “the great battle” will “to reach a zero deficit, since everything will be different when we kill the beast.”

On the tax amnesty, the Minister admits that is a measure that does not like, nor like higher income, while acknowledging that “the present circumstances may require exceptional measures.”

Secretary of State for Budget qualifies them as hard and necessary

Secretary of State for Budget, Marta Fernandez, described as “difficult” but “necessary” budget, while claiming they are doing what “needs to be done” because they have to fulfill.

In an interview with the Madrid daily La Gaceta, Fernandez noted that the accounts are consistent and credible, and accurate is over “waste” and notes that the government “will not hesitate if you have to pulse punish the Autonomous Communities for the deficit. ”

For Secretary of State, the country is paying “very costly irresponsibility of the previous government,” and although at this time “we are not to bring good news”, it believes that it is good to announce that you are defining economic policy that the country need.

With regard to social spending cuts by 7,900 million euros, Fernandez believes that there is such a cut, but it is “preserved” as territorial funding, which is the great coverage of social spending, growing more than one per percent over last year.

Labor reform is “urgently needed”, because from the Government is aware, according to Secretary of State, that unemployment will increase by 2%, and unemployment protection is designed to ensure a temporary cover.

Despite budget cuts of the Ministries, falling by 17%, Marta Fernandez says it will not be any viable project funding runs out, although without subsidies, while emphasizing that not going to carry out “an ERE public “and to rearrange the public template” takes time “.

China is concerned about the announced of North Korean satellite launch

China is concerned about the announced North Korean satellite launch and expects all parties to remain calm and continue the dialogue to resolve the issue through peaceful means, said Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, according to the official Xinhua news agency .

In bilateral meetings with his counterparts from South Korea, Kim Sung-hwan, and Japan, Koichiro Gemba, in the eastern city of Ningbo China, Yang Jiechi exchanged views yesterday about the current situation which disturbs the peace of the peninsula Korean.

He added that “it is of interest to all parties to maintain peace and stability” in the long term in Northeast Asia.

He also said China will maintain communication and coordination with all countries involved, to promote the talks and the denuclearization process on the peninsula, and will play a constructive role for peace and stability in the region.

In his meeting with Yang, Chancellor severe Kim called on North Korea to cease its attempt to launch a satellite, which violated Security Council Resolution United Nations, reported the Korean Yonhap news agency.

In response, Yang said Beijing has already conveyed its concerns to North Korea about the negative effects that the planned launch could bring, and has promised to try to persuade this country until the last moment not to make the launch.

Moreover, the Chinese minister said that Seoul and Beijing must address the issue not only bilaterally but also in the UN emphasizing that both sides should keep the situation goes against the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

In a meeting with Gemba, the Japanese asked the Chinese to cooperate with other countries in the North Korean issue and added that “the way this case is resolved, put in evidence the reason for the Security Council,” the agency said today kiodo Japanese.

Mid-month, Pyongyang announced its intention to put in orbit, between 12 and 16 April, an earth observation satellite with a long-range rocket to commemorate the centenary of the birth of the country’s founder, Kim Il-sung.

Although North Korea maintains that the launch for peaceful purposes and has pledged to respect the relevant rules of the international community has urged it to cancel plans to consider action that conceals a trial of long-range ballistic missiles.

U.S., South Korea and various countries and international organizations agree that the North Korean launch would be a violation of resolution 2009 of UN Security.

Washington has also insisted that Pyongyang’s action would complicate the development of the recently signed agreement between the two, which commits the communist regime to carry out a moratorium on its nuclear programs and long-range missiles in exchange for food aid.