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Brazil, Norway and France are interested in the transport management in Madrid

A technical team from Salvador de Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Paris, and the region of Trondheim Norway have visited in recent days the facilities of the Regional Transport Consortium, to know how it works.

According to the regional government, Madrid continues to be a reference and example to follow in terms of public transport in the international arena.

The delegations of these countries wanted to know Madrid model planning and management of public transport, “a model inspired delegations from around the world for quality and cutting edge,” the Community of Madrid in a statement.

Both Norway and Brazil and Paris have focused their interest in knowing the Madrid system exchangers, since in the case of the Nordic country, is planning the construction of a major interchange for bus, train and boat in the region of Trondheim.

From Brazil, according to the Community, the Brazilian delegation visit is “constant” as soon Rio organization will face World Cup 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games, events that require the provision of a large transport infrastructure and proper management.

The Regional Transport Consortium, created by the then Socialist government of Joaquin Leguina, has 25 years dedicated to the coordination of the various modes and operating companies in the sector.

His pioneering work and effectiveness has international recognition and is a model of planning and transport planning imitated not only in Spain but also beyond our borders, says the current regional government.

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